Majid Mahmood wins it for Labour in Hodge Hill

The Labour Party Candidate Majid Mahmood was announced the winner of the Hodge Hill elections in the early hours of the morning.

Winning with a majority of  2386, Labour have swung the vote back for Hodge Hill this year with a huge 58.15%.

Liberal Democrats Candidate Gwyn Neilly took 23.09% of the poll and The Conservative Party Candidate Ash Zaman only 8.89%.

A total of 6807 residents turned out to vote this year in Hodge Hill at the Beaufort Social Club and votes were counted at Hodge Hill School. A full table of results are available here.

Labour Party Candidate Majid Mahmood

Labour Party Campaign leaflets have been pushed through the doors of Hodge Hill

Hodge Hill Labour Party Candidate Majid Mahmood has been campaigning around Hodge Hill for the fourth coming May 5th local elections.

Mahmood will be standing against The Conservative Party Candidate Ash Zaman, Liberal Democrats Candidate Gwyn Neilly, Green Party Candidate Helen Sauntson, Social Democratic Party Candidate Peter Frank Johnson and UKIP Candidate Adrian Duffen.

Residents may have noticed a surge in Labour campaign leaflets through their doors over the past couple of weeks, as one of Majid’s priorities was to reach all Hodge Hill residents with information.

Majid has been campaigning to stop travellers using the old Comet pub site, supporting local residents living around the Fox & Goose with their parking issues and tackling further parking and speeding issues around the new medical centre on The Firs.

“The campaign is going very strong, and do not have much time to relax,” says the Labour Party Candidate.

“I am already dealing with a number of cases ranging from anti social behaviour, rubbish, rights of way, and bus routes. Additionally I am attending a number of meetings to get to grips with problems affecting Hodge Hill.”

The 36 year old solicitor from Bromford Lane will be able to give B36Blogger a full interview following the election results.