Sports College gets gold

Hodge Hill Sports and Enterprise College has been awarded Investors in People Gold status, meaning that the school has gone beyond the nationally recognised Standard and achieved the highest award possible for the way it trains and develops its staff.

The school, which has 170 staff, caters for 1170 pupils from some of the diverse communities in East Birmingham and recently received a ‘Good’ in its last Ofsted Inspection. It is now one of just ten companies in every thousand to be recognised at this level.

Headteacher Marie McMahon said “we are committed to investing in our staff and to seeing them develop. The sense of ownership and commitment at all levels here at Hodge Hill is very important to us. Achieving gold status is recognition of the hard work and endeavor shown by all our staff”.

Associate Headteacher, Andrew Burns explained that Hodge Hill’s main objective for implementing the Investors in People Standard has been to improve performance at all levels, to review their practices and, of course, to add value for their pupils.

Marie and Andrew feel that engaging with Investors in People has helped ensure that “there is a high level of understanding amongst all staff of the school’s vision and goals. Consequently, the school now has a workforce which expects and copes with new initiatives rather than resists change.”

Staff at Hodge Hill feel that the impact of all this on the school has been profound, and has been a key factor behind the transformation that has taken place. Being an Investor in People has contributed to the quality of staff recruitment procedures; to team building and to the development of strong and effective leadership at all levels and to high levels of employee satisfaction and engagement.

Commenting on the school’s achievement, the Investors in People assessor said, “This is a fantastic achievement. Congratulations are due to all the staff at Hodge Hill, not only for achieving Gold status but also for their recent excellent Ofsted report.”

Hodge Hill is now an NPQH placement school and has links to other schools both nationally and internationally through the Local Leader of Education network and contacts made via the senior management team. Spurred on by this latest award, the school is looking forward to sharing best practice, and some of the lessons learned along the way(!) with other schools.

Source: WM Regional Newsletter & Matthew Wheeler

Boot camp exercise class in Castle Vale

Image from Harriet Norris Personal Training

A Wednesday night in Castle Vale is spent getting rather sweaty for some certain ladies, who are regular attendees to a sucessful bootcamp workout session.

Harriet Norris from Solihull set up a women’s only bootcamp exercise class at Topcliffe Primary School in Castle Vale after the success of the same class in Water Orton.

By day, Harriet is a personal trainer, at just 21 she is extremely knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. The highly demanded class in Castle Vale is an extension to her personal training work and Harriet is calling all local ladies to give it a try.

The class is intense and tones just about every muscle in your body, and for just £5, you really are getting a good work out for your money.

“The class involves a full body work out,” says Harriet “We do cardio work, strength based work, full body toning and aim to reduce body fat.”

No matter what your age or exercise history is, Harriet lets you go at your own pace, “We have many different women at the class who range from early 20’s up to 55 years old, ” says Harriet “We currently have around 12 members who attend the Castle Vale class.”

The session is on a Wednesday night, held at Topcliffe Primary School in Castle Vale from 6:45 to 7:45 pm and costs £5. New recruits can also contact Harriet through her Twitter or Facebook page.

For more information about the class or Harriet Norris Personal Training, click here.

Hodge Hill: Have your say!

According to the main priorities that arose in the last neighbourhood tasking meeting were tackling drug dealing and drug use on the Bromford Estate, reducing anti social behaviour and parking issues around our schools.

From personal experience, I know that travelling past Hodge Hill school on early mornings and in the afternoons, traffic can be quite hectic.

To find out  what is in progress to tackle these issues, residents of Hodge Hill can attend a neighbourhood tasking meeting.

Don’t sit back and let issues about your area go unspoken, the next meeting for Hodge Hill will be held at Ambridge House, Bromford Drive on February 24th at 10am.

Police and council members urge you to tell them about crime and community issues in your area.

What do you think are the main issues in Hodge Hill? Leave your comments below.

For more information visit the West Midlands Police website.