Who is your Hodge Hill Avon representative?

Sophia's blog 'Avon Lady in Birmingham'

Many of us may have seen, heard or ever ordered from cosmetics brand Avon in the past. If you don’t already have a representative, then you may be wondering who they are and how you can get in contact.

Sophia Palmer is our local Hodge Hill Avon representative and is pushing her work further by maintaining her own personal blog and opening her own Twitter page.

Sophia has been working for Avon for 5 months and like many women who choose to work for companies similar to Avon, it fits around her busy life style.

“I have been a self employed Avon representative since November last year, one of the main reasons for doing this is because I wanted to work hours that would fit around my family.”

However, Sophia has opened up many new options by making Avon more convinient to her customers through her blog and social networks. Sophia opened up her own blog as an extension to her work, and uses it to interact with her customers.

“I find that this is a good way to interact with my existing customers, in terms of passing out information such as the latest brochures, order & delivery dates dates, any problems that might arise, they can also see my reviews on products that I have used myself and other bits of information.It is a good way to also widen my customer base, as my blog is also linked to other social networks, such a Facebook, twitter &  blogging networks,” says Sophia.

By expanding her work through social networks, contacting and ordering from her is even easier, but don’t think you can’t still contact her in the traditional ways, as she still covers many raods in Hodge Hill.

Sophia’s allocated territory in Hodge Hill is:

Thirsk Croft 1-33 odd

Reynoldstown Road 1-39 odd and even

Redcar Croft 1-39 odd

Sprig Croft 1-20 odd and even

York Drive 1-8 all

Bromford Drive 51-117 odd

Drews Lane

If your area is not listed above, Sophia is happy to represent residents living near these roads who do not already have an Avon Representative.

Sophia supplies both paperback and ebrochures, so can accept orders via email(24hrs)/Facebook/text or the traditional doorstep collections.

Find Sophia on Twitter.

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